The Accelerator Platform at Telethon Kids Institute

Overview of Services

The Accelerator is a collaborative and cutting-edge platform developed to accelerate your research discoveries. We provide access to the latest tools and technologies required for multi-omic analysis and design, coupled with end-to-end logistic and administrative support tailored to each project need.  By bringing together deep in-house expertise and the leading international service providers, The Accelerator will facilitate and maximize the progress, translation and impact of your project.

How we collaborate:

CONNECT: You can contact us via phone, email, or by scheduling online a free initial consult to meet with us with no obligation. To schedule online please visit the "Schedule Consultation" tab above.

CONSULT: Our systems biology panel of experts will review your existing project or provide you with necessary feedback to improve your project design to help you meet your research goals. We will personally facilitate all discussions via conference calls, meetings or emails with your team, and provide you with a full report including our recommendations.

FACILITATE: If you wish to proceed, you may submit your request through this online portal (to do so please visit "Request Services" above). We will provide you with a quote clearly stating our deliverables and send it to you for approval. Once your approval is received, we will commence the project.

DATA GENERATION & ANALYSIS: The Data generated for your project will be managed by best practice standards. We can either provide you with the data along with a detailed report for each service requested, or discuss with you further bespoke data analytics to get the most out of your data.

FINAL REPORTING: Our team will provide with a final report at the completion of the project.


Tobias Kollmann
618 9319 1050


Rad Aniba
Data Architect


Rym Ben OThman
Research Manager
619 9319 9503




Perth Children's Hospital, Northern Entrance
15 Hospital Ave Nedlands 
WA 6009


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